Final EuroLeague 2023: El Real Madrid tira de épica para volver a reinar

La EuroLeague volvió a ofrecer un baloncesto de alto nivel y una igualdad permanente de principio a fin. Los rusos siguieron sin poder competir a causa de la guerra contra Ucrania, y al final el baloncesto turco, representante campeón en los últimos años, tuvo que ceder ante el equipo más laureado de la competición, el Real Madrid

ACB Final 2022: Real Madrid returns to the top three years later

In the 2022 ACB, the title went to Real Madrid, who clearly beat a Barcelona team that had the home court factor in its favor (1-3). The Whites dominated throughout the final, won the first game, fought until the last possession in the second and sealed the tie by winning their games in Madrid. The defense, the intensity, but above all the dominance in rebounding, were fundamental to understand the victory, and there the maximum exponent is Edy Tavares, elected MVP