ACB Final 2024: Real Madrid placates UCAM Murcia’s enthusiasm

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 2024 ACB Decade 2020 Real Madrid UCAM Murcia

In the final of the 2024 acb, Real Madrid again qualified for a new final, and this time was able to win in a clear and solvent way, by (3-0) to a UCAM Murcia, who lived his first experience in a series to the title

The white dominance was the usual tone of the final, being able to win their first two games in front of their fans, the first was more disputed, the second easier, and in the third, already in Murcia, a devastating partial in the third quarter gave the title to Real Madrid. A tie that meant the retirement of an emblematic player of the caliber of Rudy Fernández. Musa, MVP of the final.

Such was Real Madrid’s dominance that it did not lose a single game throughout the playoffs, including beating Barcelona in the semifinals in an immaculate manner.

Real Madrid
*Campazzo – 11.0p, 6.0a, 3.6r. 
*Causeur – 5.0p.
*Musa – 15.6p, 5.6r, 2.3a.
*Hezonja – 12.3p, 5.3r. 
*Tavares – 6.0p, 9.0r, 1.0t.
Rodríguez – 4.6p, 2.3a.
Llull – 3.6p, 2.0a, 1.6r.
Fernández – 5.6p, 3.3r.
Yabusele – 4.3p, 3.6r.
Poirier – 6.6p, 5.3r, 1.3t.
Abalde – 4.6p, 2.0r.

UCAM Murcia
*Hakanson – 5.6p, 2.3a.
*Ennis – 10.6p, 2.6r, 1.6a.
*R.Kurucs – 8.6p, 3.0r, 1.0br.
*Sleva – 9.0p, 5.0r, 1.0a.
*Morin – 5.3p, 5.0r.
Sant-Roos – 9.0p, 6.6r, 3.0a.
Radebaugh – 6.6p, 1.3r.
Caupain – 8.0p, 2.0r, 1.6a.
Radovic – 3.0p, 1.3r.
Diagne – 4.6p, 3.6r.

To reach the final, they defeated…
Real Madrid – Gran Canaria (2-0); Barcelona (3-0)
UCAM Murcia – Valencia (1-2); Unicaja Málaga (2-3)