ACB 2019 Final: Real Madrid repeat title

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 2019 ACB Barcelona Decade 2010 Real Madrid

In the ACB of 2019 Real Madrid was proclaimed champion again after defeating a Barcelona that returned three years later to a final, by (3-1). Madrid did not allow the Catalans to win in the capital in the first two games of the final, and then after losing by one in the third, sealed the title with solvency in the fourth game. Campazzo, with a great performance, was awarded with the MVP

Real Madrid
*Campazzo – 14.0p, 3.7a, 3.2r.
*Rudy – 10.2p, 2.5r, 1.5a.
*Deck – 1.0p, 1.0r, 1.0a.
*Randolph – 5.5p, 3.7r.
*Tavares – 8.0p, 7.7r, 1.0t.
Llull – 7.5p, 2.7a, 1.5r.
Carroll – 10.2p, 1.7r.
Causeur – 5.2p, 1.8r, 1.0a.
Taylor – 4.0p, 1.2a.
Thompkins – 7.2p, 2.0r, 1.2a.
Ayon – 3.7p, 2.7r, 2.5a.
Kings – 1p. (1)

*Pangos – 7.7p, 2.5a.
*Ribas – 2.6p. (3)
*Key – 5.7p, 6.7r, 1.2a.
*Singleton – 9.5p, 4.0r.
*Tomic – 6.2p, 5.7r.
Heurtel – 16.7p, 2.7a, 2.2r.
Kuric – 5.5p.
Hanga – 7.5p, 3.5r, 2.0a.
Smits – 3.2p, 2.2r.
Oriola – 9.0p, 4.2r.
Pustovyi – 0.0p. (2)

In order to reach the final they beat…
Real Madrid – Manresa (2-0), Valencia Basket (3-0)
Barcelona – Joventut (2-0), Zaragoza (3-0)