World Champion 2019 Final: Spain returns to glory thirteen years later

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In 2019 the World Cup was held in China. A competition marked by the worst performance of the United States in a World Cup. In the final Spain deployed a great basketball against a battler Argentina who never had a real chance of winning the game. In the end (95-75) for a Spain that thirteen years later again felt the sensation of winning a World Cup, of being on the cusp of the planet. Ricky Rubio, Tournament MVP

In the semi-finals, Spain overcame Australia in a very tough match, which was not decided until after two extra time (95-88), and Argentina defeated much more easily, France, by (80-66). In the fight for bronze, the metal went to France, who managed to overcome Australia 15 points and win by (67-59).

Another historic day for Spanish basketball. For the second time, Spain is proclaimed world champion after defeating Argentina in a very serious game controlled from the first minutes of play.

The Far East has witnessed several unforgettable pages of Spanish basketball. Satiama 2006, Beijing 2008… and once again the Chinese capital has elevated a team full of heart and head. Spain are once again world champions in a final in which they were superior to a very combative Argentina. If Spain shot from the heart to beat Australia in the semifinals, in the final provided much more head to end the resistance of an Argentina that did not lower its arms at any time despite losing up to 22 points. A gold that is of the 12 players who have signed a spectacular tournament in China. Of those who helped in the presentation, and of those who brilliantly achieved the qualification for this World Cup. Spain joins this select group of countries that have two or more world champion titles and closes a magical 2019 with gold for both the men’s and women’s national teams.

The game began with Pierre Oriola entering the initial five, with the clear mission of defending Luis Scola in the first plays, but did not hesitate to score the first basket of the game from the corner. A triple of Marc and a 2+1 of Juancho after, Sergio Hernandez had to ask for the first time out of the encounter (11-2 min 2). The defense of the first five minutes was of book, with only 5 points of Nico Brussino embedded, although a partial of 0-8 approached the Argentines (10-14) and came the turn of the dead time of Scariolo. With 2 minutes to go he had already rotated his initial quintet, with Pau Ribas scoring the first triple thrown. Willy also scored (this time in counterattack) and the energy of the second unit carried Spain with a +9 at the end of a good first quarter (23-14).

The Spanish defense had Luis Scola’s talent under control (zero points in the first quarter), while Argentina raised the intensity of theirs to avoid the high average of ours. A basket of Willy against Scola and two trebles of Rudy put the 31-14 in a key moment. Spain doubled their opponent in points and rebounds (the big cross of the semifinals), and the feeling of control of the match was unbeatable. Laprovittola scored 7 consecutive points and an intentional Ribas prevented the match from breaking (35-25). Some minutes arrived with exchange of baskets, but already with an Argentina more settled in the encounter. Spain did not find their duo Ricky-Marc, but there were ‘secondary’ players contributing in attack to finish also winning the second quarter and leave the advantage at 12 (43-31).

The ideas were clear: to avoid the reaction of Argentina in the first minutes of the quarter. Spain played a few minutes very intelligently (using more the brain than the heart, in Scariolo’s words). A pick’n’roll of Marc and Ricky put the 50-33, the maximum so far. The rebound was still ‘red’ and the superiority of centimeters was noticeable, with Willy doing some good minutes both in attack and defense. There was also a free kick advantage, with the Argentinians coming into the bonus quickly. Sergio Hernandez pulled epic and bet on the ‘small ball’, with his little ones assuming responsibilities, but Rudy continued to give defensive lessons and Spain went to the end of the third quarter with 19 points advantage and gold closer and closer (66-47).

With 20 points in the lead it was impossible to think that our opponent would give up. They needed epic and they put it Campazzo and Deck to put the 68-56. Argentina defended at full court and looking for the two against one at the slightest opportunity. Spain had to keep scoring and did a Llull always brave in the penetrations, or a Juancho who did not shake his hand to score the triple that put the 76-59. Scola scored his first basket in play with 6 minutes left to the end of the game and Deck pressed to look for chances of victory. At risk, Argentina took us to the line of free throws with a defense of many contacts. It was the moment to shoot head first, to look for the personal ones, not to lose balls and to cool the last arreón of the rivals. The work was already done in the previous 30 minutes and in the last ones a historic victory was confirmed.

Spain 95
*Rubio – 20p, 7r, 3a
*Rudy – 11p, 10r, 3a
*J. Hernángomez – 11p, 5r, 2br
*Oriola – 6p, 7r, 1br
*M.Gasol – 14p, 7r, 7a
Llull – 15p, 2a
Ribas – 5p, 1r, 1a
Claver – 2p, 3r, 2a
W.Hernángomez – 11p, 3r, 1a
Colom – 0p
Rabaseda – 0p, 1r.
Beirán – 0p.

Argentina 75
*Campazzo – 11p, 8a, 4br
*Brussino – 8p, 2r, 2a
*Garino – 0p, 2r
*Delia – 2p, 4r, 1a
*Scola – 8p, 8r, 2a.
Vildoza – 2p, 2br, 1a
Laprovittola – 17p, 3br, 1a
Deck – 24p, 1r
Caffaro – 0p, 1a
Fjellerup – 0p
Redivo – 3p
Gallizzi – 0p.