ACB Final 2015: Real Madrid complete their hat-trick

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 2015 ACB Barcelona Decade 2010 Real Madrid
In the 2015 ACB, we lived a Real Madrid vs Barcelona in the final, the fourth in a row. This year, unlike last year, Real Madrid won, in addition to a very solvent way, an undisputed (3-0). Thus putting a finishing touch to a historic season for them, with four titles won

Real Madrid
*Llull – 14.3p, 3.0a, 2.0r.
*Rudy – 12.6p, 3.0r, 1.6a.
*Rivers – 4.6p, 1.6r.
*Reyes – 8.0p, 3.0r, 1.0a.
*Ayón – 10.0p, 4.0r, 1.0a.
Rodríguez – 9.0p, 6.6a, 3.0r.
Carroll – 12.0p, 1.6r.
Maciulis – 6.0p, 2.6r.
Nocioni – 7.6p, 4,3r.
Slaughter – 2,3p, 4.0r, 1.3a.
Mejri – 4.0p, 2.0r. (2)
*Satoransky – 9.0p, 5.0a, 3.0r.
*Oleson – 4.3p, 2.6a, 1,3r.
*Thomas – 1.6p.
*Lampe – 4.5p, 1.5r. (2)
*Tomic – 14.0p, 4.6r, 1.0a.
Huertas – 5.6p, 3.0a, 1.0r.
Hezonja – 7.6p, 2.3r,
Nachbar – 2.6p, 1.0r.
Doellman – 14.3p, 5.0r,
Pleiss – 4.0p, 3.6r.
Abrines – 8.3p, 1.3r, 1.0br.
Jackson – 3.0p, 2.0a, 1.0r, (2)
Navarro – 7p. (1)
To reach the final they won …
Real Madrid – Gran Canaria (2-0), Valencia (3-1)
Barcelona – Joventut (2-0), Unicaja (3-2)