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Cup 2020 Final: Real Madrid beats host Unicaja

In 2020 the Cup was held in Malaga, where the whites, after losing the two previous finals against Barcelona and playing their seventh consecutive final, won the cup again three years later. He did so by beating Unicaja in the final, and also did so clearly, by (95-68). A final distance that broke the record for the greatest difference in a cup final

ACB Final 2002: Unicaja can pressure, and Baskonia debuts as champion

In the ACB 2.002, the regular phase was dominated by Unicaja, not even lost a single game in the quarterfinals or semifinals, but to reach the final, he could stage fright. A ceramic TAU that came launched with a real team and after eliminating Barcelona in the semifinals, won the league razing Unicaja by 0-3. Contundente TAU in its first league conquered of its history

ACB Final 1995: Ansley’s «non-triple» league

The 1995 ACB final will always be remembered for being the final of Mike Ansley’s «non-triple». The power forward missed the triple that would give the league to Unicaja, which would be his first league, and then would have to wait many years to make that dream come true. Barcelona took that failed to win in the fourth game and sentenced in the fifth, the title