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World Champion 2019 Final: Spain returns to glory thirteen years later

In 2019 the World Cup was held in China. A competition marked by the worst performance of the United States in a World Cup. In the final Spain deployed a great basketball against a battler Argentina who never had a real chance of winning the game. In the end (95-75) for a Spain that thirteen years later again felt the sensation of winning a World Cup, of being on the cusp of the planet. Ricky Rubio, Tournament MVP

World Champion Final 2002: Yugoslavia beat Argentina in heart attack final

In the summer of 2002, the World Cup was held in Indianapolis, where in the final Yugoslavia defeated Argentina by 84-77 in extra time, coming from a game that had virtually lost. The final had its controversy after a very discussed decision in the last action of the match in a penetration of Oberto defended by Bodiroga. In the extension Argentina deflated and Yugoslavia took advantage of it to proclaim itself World champion

World Champion 1950 Final: Argentina, the first champion

In the late 40’s FIBA realized that the World Cup was proving to be a great idea to promote their sport, so they decided to do the same. Argentina was chosen as the first venue because Europe was still rebuilding after World War II, and its national team took the opportunity to be the first champion of the competition, beating the United States at the end silver, in the decisive match that decided the Gold