ACB 2017 Final: Valencia Basket touches glory for the first time

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 2017 ACB Decade 2010 Real Madrid Valencia Basket

In the ACB of 2017, we live the year of change in the competition, because after five years with finals Real Madrid vs Barcelona, this year got into the final Valencia Basket, and culminated a great year for taronja with the first title of its history (1-3), winning three games in a row to the whites and factor court against. Before the Valencians eliminated the other two Euroleague teams, Barcelona and Baskonia in the semifinals, also with court factor against

Valencia Basket
*Diot – 6.7p, 4.0a, 2.7r.
*San Emeterio – 12.5p, 3.0r, 2.5a.
*Sato – 5.0p, 3.0r.
*Sikma – 9.0p, 5.2r, 3.0a.
*Dubljevic – 13.5p, 7.2r, 1.7a.
You live – 3.5p, 1.7a, 1.0r.
Tailor – 7.2p, 2.7r, 1.2a.
Martinez – 6.2p, 1.5r, 1.2a.
Thomas – 15.2p, 3.2r.
Oriola – 7.2p, 3.2r, 1.0a.

Real Madrid
*Llull – 20.2p, 4.5a, 2.2r.
*Rudy – 9.2p, 1.5a.
*Maciulis – 1.5p, 1.2r.
*Randolph – 2.2p, 2.7r.
*Ayon – 9.5p, 6.5r, 1.2a.
Doncic – 5.0p, 3.7r, 2.0a.
Carroll – 6.7p, 1.2r.
Taylor – 7.0p, 2.7r, 1.0a.
Kings – 7.7p, 3.2r.
Hunter – 3.3p, 2.3r, 1.3a. (3)
Nocioni – 6.3p, 3.0r. (3)

To reach the final they won…
Valencia Basket – Barcelona (2-1), Baskonia (1-3)
Real Madrid – Andorra (2-1), Unicaja (3-0)