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Champions League 2024 Final: Unicaja Málaga wins the most hispanic F4 ever

In 2024 the final four of the BCL was held in Belgrade, in an event with up to three Spanish teams, which led to a Hispanic final between Unicaja Malaga and Lenovo Tenerife, where the andalusians were proclaimed champions at the first opportunity they had, winning by (80-75). Kendrick Perry was the MVP of the tournament

World Cup Final 2023: Germany crowned champions for the first time

In 2023 the World Cup was held in three venues, Japan, Indonesia and the Philippines, where the finals were played in Manila. Germany beat Serbia 83-77 in the final, which was a unique moment for them because it was the first time they had ever played in a World Cup final, and they did it by beating the United States in the semi-finals, in one of the most memorable games in the history of the competition. German point guard Dennis Schroder was named the MVP

NBA Finals 2023: Denver Nuggets reach for glory

In the 2023 NBA, the Denver Nuggets were proclaimed champions at the first opportunity they had. To do so, they clearly beat the Miami Heat in the finals (4-1). The Florida Nuggets managed to pull out a victory in Denver in the second game of the series, but then they could do nothing against the power of the West

Final EuroLeague 2023: El Real Madrid tira de épica para volver a reinar

La EuroLeague volvió a ofrecer un baloncesto de alto nivel y una igualdad permanente de principio a fin. Los rusos siguieron sin poder competir a causa de la guerra contra Ucrania, y al final el baloncesto turco, representante campeón en los últimos años, tuvo que ceder ante el equipo más laureado de la competición, el Real Madrid

Champions League Final 2023: TJ Shorts II takes Telekom Bonn to the top

In 2023 the BCL final four was held in Malaga, in what seemed an ideal location to see a Spanish final again, with the local Unicaja and the reigning champion Tenerife. The reality was quite different, with both teams falling in the semifinals. In the final, Telekom Bonn overcame Hapoel Jerusalem (77-70) thanks to the leadership of point guard TJ Shorts II, the eventual MVP