ACB 2018 Final: Real Madrid returns to the path of the title

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 2018 ACB Baskonia Decade 2010 Real Madrid

In the ACB 2018 Real Madrid dominated the competition again after a year of parenthesis. The whites culminated with a title a great season that really dominated from start to finish. In the final they beat Baskonia, who played a final after eight drought, by a clear (3-1) and after winning two games in Vitoria

Real Madrid
*Campazzo – 8.2p, 4.7a, 2.2r.
*Carroll – 14.2p, 1.5r.
*Taylor – 3.5p.
*Kings – 6.2p, 2.5r.
*Tavares – 6.2p, 5.7r, 2.2t.
Llull – 5.7p, 3.5a, 3.0r.
Rudy – 12.0p, 3.5r, 2.2a.
Causeur – 3.7p, 1.0a.
Doncic – 12.7p, 6.7r, 2.7a.
Thompkins – 9.2p, 1.5a, 1.2r.
Ayon – 8.5p, 8.0r, 1.7a.
Randolph – 0p. (1)

*Vildoza – 8.7p, 3.7a, 1.7r.
*Janning – 13.5p, 2.2a, 2.2r.
*Timma – 6.7p, 3.0r.
*Shengelia – 10.7p, 4.0r, 2.2a.
*Poirier – 10.0p, 5.5r.
Orchards – 8.2p, 4.0a, 2.2r.
Granger – 4.6p, 2.0a. (3)
Beaubois – 12.2p, 1.7a, 1.5r.
Garino – 1.7p, 2.2r.
Voigtmann – 4.5p, 3.2r.
Diop – 6.2p, 2.2r.
Malmanis – 3p, 1r, 1a. (1)

To get to the end they defeated…
Real Madrid – Tenerife (2-0), Gran Canaria (3-0)
Baskonia – Unicaja (2-0), Barcelona (3-1)