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Cup 2004 Final: The Scola&Nocioni connection makes the difference against Joventut

In 2004 the cup was held in Seville, where Baskonia won their fourth King’s Cup, beating a Joventut who had to wait another year to win their cup in the final. The final was disputed, but the Argentinean connection of Baskonia, put them one step ahead, at the end (81-77). The MVP was given to Rudy Fernandez, even though he did not win the title

Cup 1993 Final: Sabonis and Biriukov lead Real Madrid to a new cup

In 1993 the cup was held in A Coruña, where Real Madrid returned after four years of drought to win the cup, beating Joventut in the final by a tight score (74-71), with Sabonis and Biriukov as the most outstanding players. The MVP of the tournament was for the Baskonia player Joe Arlauckas, a curious decision, although the level of the power forward was extraordinary, because the Basques did not even get to play the final

EuroLeague Final 1992: Djordjevic and Danilovic crown Partizan

In 1991 the new format of the European League began, the germ of what is today the Euroleague. For the first time we tried to make a big league, with several teams by country and with more teams than ever. With more teams there are more phases, after several previous phases, the regular league will be made as always but now there will be 16 teams, eight per group, then face the top four of each group in a playoff, the first playoff in the history of the competition. The four survivors played the final four that this year was held in Istanbul