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NBA Final 1997: Los Bulls chain their second ring after defeating the Jazz

In the 97 NBA the Chicago Bulls won their second consecutive title, this time beating the Utah Jazz in the final in a tough and highly competitive series. The Bulls, with their philosophy of total basketball, the five track players playing in all positions, managed to overcome a real team that was the Jazz, with Malone, Stockton, Hornacek and company. At the end 4-2 for Chicago

ACB Final 1997: Barcelona breaks the myth of the field factor

In the ACB of 1.997 the final was disputed by Real Madrid with factor court in favor, and Barcelona. It was an exciting final, where it happened what had never happened before, and is that won the team that did not enjoy the factor court for the first time in history. Barcelona won by 2-3, winning the fifth match at the Palacio de los deportes in Madrid, and with a Djordjevic as absolute protagonist

EuroLeague Final 1997: Rivers wins against Djordjevic

This year the format changes again, forcing teams to play more matches. They eliminate the previous round-trip format and from the beginning different leagues will be played. In addition all will be important because the sum of the two will be made to know who will be in the playoffs. A playoff that also change because years ago there was only one round of quarters and this year there will be round of eighths and quarters