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World Champion Final 1998: Yugoslavia beat Russia on a head or tail

In the summer of 1998, the World Cup was held in Athens. The news that monopolized the competition was that because of the strike of NBA players, the U.S. team was fed by players outside the NBA field, players who played in university, in Europe, … As far as the competition is concerned, the World Cup was won by Yugoslavia in the final to Russia by a disputed 64-62

NBA Final 1998: Michael Jordan leaves with a movie final

In the NBA of 1998, the final of the previous year was repeated. The Chicago Bulls and the Utah Jazz met again for the title, with a 4-2 victory for the Chicago Bulls. A final that ended with a mythical last shot by Jordan, an action that has become an icon of the history of basketball. An action that would end a dominance of three consecutive titles, six rings in eight years, the era of the Bulls was over, the era of Michael Jordan

ACB Final 1998: TDK Manresa goes down in history

In the ACB of 1998, the biggest surprise in the history of the ACB occurred. TAU Baskonia reached its first final and was the clear favorite, but a TDK Manresa, which did not count for anyone, was eliminating its rivals round by round, always with court factor against, until defeating TAU by 1-3 in the grand final