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NBA Final 2004: Pistons win ring again 14 years later

In the NBA of 2004, all the glamour and the spotlights were taken by the Angeles Lakers when they signed two veteran all-star players, Karl Malone and Payton, who along with O´Neal and Bryant, were called the riders of the apocalypse. But in the final they arrived with their stars very tired, and some magnificent Detroit Pistons used it to perfection to win the championship, 14 years later, and also to do it in a very solvent way (4-1)

ACB Final 2004: Barcelona beats a whole heart Estudiantes

In the 2004 ACB, Barcelona won the league for the second time in a row, beating Estudiantes in the final who were playing their first ever final. It was a very nice final, in which the field factor was fundamental, after a few years with very poor finals in the ACB where the champions won undefeated, the 2.004 was a final in conditions, 3-2 for Barcelona

Cup 2004 Final: The Scola&Nocioni connection makes the difference against Joventut

In 2004 the cup was held in Seville, where Baskonia won their fourth King’s Cup, beating a Joventut who had to wait another year to win their cup in the final. The final was disputed, but the Argentinean connection of Baskonia, put them one step ahead, at the end (81-77). The MVP was given to Rudy Fernandez, even though he did not win the title