ACB Final 1993: Sabonis ends Real Madrid’s drought

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1993 ACB Decade 90 Joventut Badalona Real Madrid

In the ACB of 1.993 the final of the previous year was repeated, but this time with a different champion. Real Madrid to the great team that already had, added the cherry Sabonis, won by 3-2 to Joventut de Badalona. A great final to recover Real Madrid’s scepter as champion of the ACB seven years later

Real Madrid
*Antunez – 8.2p, 3.2a.
*Simpson – 8.4p, 3.2r.
*Gargol – 6.8p, 3.0r.
*Brown – 10.4p, 7.8r. 
*Sabonis – 16.8p, 10.6r.
Lasa – 4.2p, 1.8a.
Santos – 2.0p. (3)
Biriukov – 11.4p, 3.2a. 
Martin – 3.0p, 1.2r.
Romay – 1.0p. (2)

*R.Jofresa – 10.6p, 2.8a. 
*Villacampa – 18.0p, 2.8a. 
*Smith – 13.4p, 7.6r.
*Thompson – 11.6p, 6.0r.
*Ferran – 6.4p, 4.0r.
T.Jofresa – 1.6p, 1.0a.
Perez – 2.0p. (2)
Jent – 5.2p, 2.0r.
Kopicki – 2.6p, 1.6r.
Morales – 2.0p, 3.4r.

To reach the final they won …
Real Madrid – Girona (2-0), Leon (2-0), Estudiantes (3-2)
Joventut – Ferrol (2-1), Zaragoza (2-1), Barcelona (3-2)