EuroCup 2008 Final: The Joventut shows itself to be far superior to Girona

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 2008 Decade 2000 EuroCup Girona Joventut Badalona

In 2008, the final 8 of the EuroCup was held in Turin, which was the last competition under the name «ULEB Cup», and where the Joventut clearly beat Girona in the final (79-54), with an outstanding Mallet, although the MVP of the tournament was for Rudy Fernández

Dynamo Moscow 78 – Turow 63
Girona 75 – Unics Kazan 66
Joventut 77 – Valencia 67
Besiktas 60 – Galatasaray 61

Dynamo Moscow 78 – Girona 81
Joventut 90 – Galatasaray 83

Joventut reached the final with Rudy infiltrated by a shoulder problem, and saw Girona start the final better, with (2-12) to start, and reaching the end of the first quarter ahead (16-21). But Girona’s resistance ended here, as their lights went out in attack, they were only able to score 6 and 10 points in the following quarters, so with 10 minutes to go before the final whistle, the match was already decided (58-37), with a Mallet smashing his rival’s hoop tirelessly.

Joventut 79
*Mallet – 26p, 1r
*Rubio – 2p, 3br
*Laviña – 4p, 5r
*Jagla – 8p, 3r
*Hernández-Sonseca – 0p, 1r
Ribas – 2p, 3a
Rudy – 13p, 7r
Barton – 8p, 8r
Franch – 0p
Popovic – 6p, 1r
Tomás – 0p
Moiso – 10p, 7r

Girona 54
*McDonald – 11p, 3a
*Sada – 3p, 5a
*Cvetkovic – 3p, 2r
*Radenovic – 20p, 2r
*M.Gasol – 9p, 10r
Daniels – 6p, 4r
Montañez – 0p, 1r
San Emeterio – 2p, 2r
Whilfield – 0p