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EuroBasket Final 1993: Germany seizes chance to win Gold

In the summer of 1993 the EuroBasket was held in Munich. Germany, taking advantage of a series of circumstances was the surprising champion. He played at home and the dismemberment of the two European basketball powers, Yugoslavia and Russia, Yugoslavia itself did not play by boycott, and Croatia another reference of the moment, was immersed in depression by the death of Drazen Petrovic, changed the European landscape. Germany used it to win the Gold after beating Russia in the final by a tight 71-70

NBA Final 1993: Jordan beats Barkley, Bulls clinch third title

In the NBA of 93 continues the tyranny of the Bulls of His Majesty Micheal Jordan, with his third consecutive title, this time defeating the Phoenix Suns of Charles Barkley by 4-2. Jordan was in his feline version averaging hard to see numbers. After three years of red domination, times in the NBA would change because of the retirement, the first, of the best player in the history of basketball

Cup 1993 Final: Sabonis and Biriukov lead Real Madrid to a new cup

In 1993 the cup was held in A Coruña, where Real Madrid returned after four years of drought to win the cup, beating Joventut in the final by a tight score (74-71), with Sabonis and Biriukov as the most outstanding players. The MVP of the tournament was for the Baskonia player Joe Arlauckas, a curious decision, although the level of the power forward was extraordinary, because the Basques did not even get to play the final