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Olympic Games Final 2008: United States overcomes a very combative Spain

In the summer of 2008, the Beijing Olympic Games were played in China, where in the grand final the United States won the Gold by beating Spain by 118-107, in a deceptive result, since a minute and a half from the end the difference was only 4 points. One of the best finals of the Olympic Games that is remembered for the quality and good play of both teams. The USA recovered the Gold after 8 years of crossing in the desert and Spain equaled its silver 24 years later

ACB Final 2008: Baskonia wins convincingly

In the ACB of 2.008, a magnificent team, the TAU Cerámica de Vitoria took the league to win by a convincing 0-3 to Barcelona that came from giving the do de pecho to beat the other reference team of the year, the Joventut of Rudy&Ricky in the semifinals. But the final was a symphony vitoriana until the achievement of the title