ACB Final 2004: Barcelona beats a whole heart Estudiantes

In the 2004 ACB, Barcelona won the league for the second time in a row, beating Estudiantes in the final who were playing their first ever final. It was a very nice final, in which the field factor was fundamental, after a few years with very poor finals in the ACB where the champions won undefeated, the 2.004 was a final in conditions, 3-2 for Barcelona

EuroLeague Final 2002: Panathinaikos attack Bolognese fort

After a year in which we had two champions, both FIBA and ULEB were aware that for the sake of basketball there could not be another year, two maximum competitions. Both organizations reached an agreement and we finally had a single competition. They began the competition with 32 teams framed in four groups of eight teams. Of which and after 14 days four will qualify for the second phase, called TOP16 and the other four will be prematurely eliminated