Winners’ Cup 1997 Final: Real Madrid far superior to Verona

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1997 Competitions FIBA Decade 90 Real Madrid Verona Winners’ Cup

In 1997, the Cup Winners’ Cup final was held in Nikosia, where Real Madrid had no trouble overcoming Verona (78-64) to the sound of their trident Herreros, Bodiroga and Arlauckas

Hapoel Jerusalem – Iraklis
Turk Telekom – Racing Paris
Real Madrid – Wroclaw
Verona – Porto

Verona – Iraklis
Real Madrid – Racing Paris

Real Madrid won the quietest final they’ve had in a long time. The Mash Verona never gave the impression of being confident of victory and were a dedicated opponent from the start of the match. As if that wasn’t enough, the Italian side was hampered by the poor performance of star point guard Mike Iuzzolino, who scored only six points with only one basket in play. The Italian team’s slim chance of victory was completely ruined as they continued to insist on triple shots (with a horrible final series of 3 out of 19).

Real Madrid 78
*Santos – 2p, 3r
*Herreros – 19p, 3br
*Bodiroga – 17p, 9r, 7a
*Arlauckas – 18p, 4r
*Orenga – 13p, 5r
A.Angulo – 1p, 1t
Laso – 3p, 4a
Antunez – 4p, 2r
Morales – 0p, 2a
Smith – 1p, 1r

Verona 64
*Iuzzolino – 6p, 1a
*Bullara – 2p, 2br
*Keys – 12p, 6r
*Della Vecchia – 8p, 5r
*Boni – 11p, 8r
Capelli – 0p
Jerichow – 10p
Galanda – 2p
Londero – 13p, 1r