EuroBasket Final 2001: Yugoslavia overcomes Turkish passion

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 2001 Decade 2000 EuroBasket Turkey Yugoslavia

In the summer of 2001, the Eurobasket of Turkey was held, where in the grand final, the Gold went to Yugoslavia, where despite the hostile environment against it, as it faced the local Turkey, the Balkan showed their best quality to win by 78-69

In the semi-finals Yugoslavia beat Spain 78-65, and Turkey, with the din of their fans, beat Germany 79-78. The bronze would be for Spain, the first full gold medal of the boys, beating Germany by 99-90.

Yugoslavia has regained the domination it has exercised in European basketball since its dismemberment in 1991 with a new gold medal won on the banks of the Bosphorus, where nearly fifteen thousand Turkish throats and a team conjured up for glory have kept it in check for forty minutes before being able to climb the podium.

First of all, for the impressive support that the local fans have lent her from the stands of Abdi Ipekci Istanbul. Secondly, because Aydin Ors’ team, accustomed to saving extreme situations through ramblings of play, has completed the best performance of the championship.

No other team would have been able to keep the type under the pressure of the crowded bleachers that have pulled the hosts or move with that coldness at the pressure of a millimeter marker. Yugoslavia did.

Turkey have tried relentlessly. But in the last quarter, the one that usually differentiates the best on the big occasions, Yugoslavia has brought out that characteristic instinct that makes it so different from the other teams and has once again adorned its chest with gold.

Yugoslavia 78
*Jaric – 0p, 3r.
*Gurovic – 11p, 1r.
*Stojakovic – 15p, 5r.
*Drobnjak – 0p, 6r.
*Tomasevic – 10p, 7r.
Obradovic – 3p, 2r.
Scepanovic – 19p, 1a.
Bodiroga – 18p, 7r.
Tarlac – 2p, 1r.

Turkey 69
*Tunceri – 0p, 1a.
*Kutluay – 16p, 1r.
*Turkoglu – 13p, 5r.
*Turkcan – 8p, 8r.
*Besok – 10p, 9r.
Yildirim – 0p, 1a.
Erdenay – 13p, 2a.
Okur – 6p, 4r.
Paskanovic – 3p, 3r.