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EuroLeague Final 1988: McAdoo leads Milan to win again against Maccabi

The competition suffers three changes, the first is that the most important teams are exempt from a first crossing going directly to the round of 16 in direct qualifying format to round of matches. The second that eight teams qualify for the league, two more than in the past and the last and most important change is that from this year after the league no longer qualify the first two but the first four will qualify for a final four between them. Final format that is still valid today

EuroLeague Final 1983: After the Italian final the Cantú wins again

This year the European Cup changes its competition in terms of the preliminary rounds before the group stage. In contrast to previous years, a previous group stage would now include two crosses prior to the round trip. Beginning 24 teams after the first criva were 12 and after the second crossing the six survivors played the regular league