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Champions League 2019 Final: Tenerife is diluted to the attack of Punter

In 2019 the final four of the Champions League was held in the Belgian city of Antwerp. Where in the final the Virtus Bologna returned, many years later to feel what it is like to win a title. The Italians beat Tenerife (73-61), thanks in part to the offensive work of Kevin Punter, MVP of the tournament

FIBA Cup Final 2009: La Virtus wins the first EuroChallenge in front of its fans

In 2009, the final of four of the FIBA Cup was held, the first under the name of «EuroChallenge», in Bologna, where Virtus took advantage of its local status to win the title, beating the French Cholet in the final by (77-75). Keith Langford, MVP of the final tournament, with Boykins as the explosive squire

EuroLeague Final 2002: Panathinaikos attack Bolognese fort

After a year in which we had two champions, both FIBA and ULEB were aware that for the sake of basketball there could not be another year, two maximum competitions. Both organizations reached an agreement and we finally had a single competition. They began the competition with 32 teams framed in four groups of eight teams. Of which and after 14 days four will qualify for the second phase, called TOP16 and the other four will be prematurely eliminated

SuproLeague & EuroLeague Final 2001: Maccabi and Virtus Bologna, champions in the year of redemption

A historic event took place in the summer of 2000. Some of Europe’s top teams dissatisfied with FIBA’s economic dealings with them decided to create an organisation called the European Basketball Leagues Union (ULEB) and create a parallel competition under its mandate. During the whole summer, both FIBA and ULEB did not reach an agreement and the grotesque situation of competing for two European Cups, the one of all life, the one of FIBA, which decided to be called Suproleague and the new one, the one of ULEB, which would be called Euroleague. The teams on each side were completing the two competitions, the schism for European basketball clubs was served