EuroCup 2017 Final: Unicaja wins the Spanish final against Valencia

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 2017 Decade 2010 EuroCup Unicaja Valencia Basket

The 2017 EuroCup saw the debut of the best to three format, watching a Spanish final between Valencia Basket and Unicaja Malaga. The Taronja started with some favoritism, and more when they played the third and final game on their court, but in the end the title traveled to Malaga (1-2). Alberto Díaz, MVP of the final

Lokomotiv Kuban – Zenit St. Petersburg (2-0)
Bayern Munich – Unicaja Málaga (1-2)
Hapoel Jerusalem – Gran Canaria (2-0)
Valencia Basket – Khimki Moscow (2-1)

Lokomotiv Kuban – Unicaja Malaga (0-2)
Hapoel Jerusalem Valencia Basket (1-2)

The final started with a tight match in Valencia, where the Taronja won by a tight score (68-62), with Dubljevic and Sastre making the difference at key moments. Already in Malaga, Unicaja took advantage of its status as home to tie the series (79-71), in a match where they almost always took the lead and nothing to discuss their victory, with Jamar Smith as protagonist. Thus we come to the third and final game, where Unicaja handled the pressure better, which at times ate the morale of the Taronja before the fact of losing a title in front of their fans. In the end the Andalusians won by (58-63) and premiered their EuroCup title box. Diaz was the best in this key match, and it earned him the MVP title.

Unicaja Málaga
*Díaz – 7.3p, 3.0a
*Nedovic – 5.3p, 3.3a
*Wazcynski – 4.0p, 3.3r
*Brooks – 9.6p, 4.3r
*Omic – 9.3p, 8.3r
Díez – 6.6p, 2.3r
Fogg – 5.3p, 1.6a
Okouo – 3.0, 2.0r
Smith – 11.0p, 3.6a
Suárez – 5.0p, 3.3r
Lafayette – 2.0p, 1.0a. (2)

Valencia Basket
*Van Rossom – 7.3p, 5.0a
*Martínez – 5.0p, 2.0a
*San Emeterio – 6.6p, 3.0r
*Sikma – 3.3p, 5.0r
*Dubljevic – 13.6p, 6.3r
Oriola – 3.6p, 2.0r
Sastre – 8.0p, 2.6a
Sato – 7.0p, 2.6r
Thomas – 5.3p, 3.3r
Vives – 5.6p, 2.6a