Korac 2000 Final: The Limoges is superior to Unicaja Malaga

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 2000 Competitions FIBA Decade 2000 Korac Cup Limoges Unicaja

In 2000 the final of the Korac was deputized by Limoges and Unicaja Malaga, with clear victory for the Gauls after their resounding victory in the first game at home, where he won 22 points and left the final on track

Unicaja Málaga – Maroussi
Girona – Rome
Anwil – Students
Limoges – Turk Telekom

Unicaja Málaga – Students
Girona – Limoges

Unicaja fell to defeat in the first leg of the Cup final Korać and complicated the dream of winning their first European title. Only during the first thirteen minutes the Andalusian team withstood the strong pace imposed by Limoges, as it then practically threw the match with disorganized attacks, bad shooting selection and a host of losses that made easy French counter-attacks possible. In addition, Božidar Maljković was determined to maintain for almost the entire meeting a zonal defense that a Marcus Brown in a state of grace dynamited with his triples. Unicaja could not consummate the miracle of overcoming the 22 points of difference that was brought from Limoges, despite the fact that during the first twenty minutes excited the fans who crowded the stands of the Garden City. After going into half-time with a hopeful 14-point lead (43-29), a horrendous second half for the Malaga side, in which they scored only 17 points, sentenced them.

*Dumas – 5.0p, 2.0a
*Brown – 24.5p, 2.5br
*Bonato – 13.0p, 4.5r
*Williams – 10.5p, 6.0r
*Weis – 5.0p, 4.5r
Hamm – 3.0p, 2.0a
Methelie – 4.5p, 1.0r
Frigout – 0.0p, 2.5r
Stazic – 0p. (1)
Ruphert – 0p. (1)

Unicaja Málaga
*Jaumin – 9.0p, 2.0a
*Romero – 3p, 1a. (1)
*Mrsic – 9.0p, 2.5r
*Sallier – 5.5p, 5.0r
*Orenga – 12.0p, 2.5r
Marcaccini – 3p, 3r. (1)
Fernández – 10.0p, 2.0r
Lázaro – 0.0p, 0.5r
Conceicao – 4.0p, 3.0r
Petruska – 4.0p