Korac 1993 Final: Philips Milan takes the transalpine duel

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1993 Competitions FIBA Decade 90 Korac Cup Olimpia Milán Roma

In 1993, the Korac final was played between the two Italian teams Philips Milan and Virtus Roma, with the former winning both matches, and the latter winning the home match in a clear-cut manner. A final with much appeal for the level of stars such as Radja, Djordjevic, Pittis and Riva among others

KK Zagreb – Barcelona
Phonola Caserta – Cantú
Panionios – Philips Milan
Leon – Rome

Barcelona – Rome
Cantú – Philips Milan

Philips Milan took a major step towards winning the Korać Cup after defeating Virtus Roma away in the first leg at Palaeur in Milan. The decisive factor was the contribution made by the duo Ðjorđević-Pittis, who scored 29 and 31 points respectively with superb shooting percentages (12 out of 16 for the Italian forward and a spectacular 10 out of 10 for the Philips Serbian base). On the part of the Roman squad, although during much of the game could control the Milanese with humility and application in the marks, at the moment of truth succumbed to the external launch of the men of Mike d’Antoni, and the spectacular performance of Dino Rađja (30 points, 11 rebounds, 3 blocks) was not accompanied by that of his colleagues. Philips Milan won the Cup Korać after beating Virtus Roma again, this time even more clearly than in the first leg. The main protagonist of the match was Serbian point guard Aleksandar Ðjorđević, who scored 38 points and buried the capital team’s slim chance of victory, with only Sandro dell’Agnello standing out.

Philips Milán
*Djordjevic – 33.5p, 6.5a
*Portaluppi – 3.5p, 2.5r
*Riva – 17.0p, 4.5r
*Pittis – 26.0p, 7.0r, 4.0a, 4.0br
*Davis – 12.5p, 9.5r
Pessina – 6.0p, 3.5r
Baldi – 0.0p
Samburago – 0.0p
Alberti – 4p. (1)

Virtus Roma
*Fantozzi – 13.5p, 2.5a
*Niccolai – 15.5p, 3.5r
*Premier – 6.5p, 2.5r
*Dell`Agnello – 16.5p, 6.0r
*Radja – 22.5p, 13.5r
Busca – 11.5p, 4.0r
Tolotti – 2.0p, 1.5r
Rolle – 2.5p, 3.5r
Croce – 0p. (1)