Winners’ Cup Final 1998: Stombergas executes Stefanel Milan

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1998 Competitions FIBA Decade 90 Olimpia Milán Winners’ Cup Zalgiris Kaunas

In 1998, the Cup Winners’ Cup final was held in Belgrade, where Zalgiris Kaunas, after a long journey, once again won a continental title, clearly beating Stefanel Milan (82-67), thanks mainly to the magnificent afternoon that Stombergas had at the launch

ASVEL Villeurbanne – Stefanel Milan
Avtodor – Samara
Zalgiris Kaunas – BeoBanka
Panathinaikos – Wroclaw

Panathinaikos – Stefanel Milan
Zalgiris Kaunas – Avotodor

After a period of glory during the 1980s under Arvydas Sabonis – which did not, however, lead to any continental trophies – Kaunas’ ‘Algiris’ regained (and never better) old laurels and won his first European title. And he did so thanks to the prodigious performance of Saulius ‘Tombergas, an old-fashioned rock eavesdropper with a pitch that was as unorthodox as it was effective. In the mere 29 minutes he was on the pitch, ‘Tombergas’ scored 35 points through a spectacular series of throws.

Zalgiris Kaunas 82
*Whatley – 19p, 2br
*Adomaitis – 6p, 3r
*Stombergas – 35p, 5a
*Praskevicius – 2p, 2r
*Arapovic – 3p, 10r
M.Zukauskas – 4p, 2r
Stumbrys – 0p, 1a
E.Zukauskas – 6p, 6r
Masiulis – 7p, 7r

Stefanel Milán 67
*Gentile – 10p, 3a
*Sigalas – 0p, 3r
*Portaluppi – 13p, 4r
*Kidd – 11p, 12r
*Bayley – 18p, 4r
Jovanovic – 6p, 2br
Ruggeri – 1p, 1br
Sahlstrom – 0p, 1br
Samburago – 8p, 1a
Cantarello – 0p, 1r