Winners’ Cup 1984 Final: Jackson rules from free-kick the title for Real Madrid

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In 1984 the Cup Winners’ Cup final was played in Oostende, where Real Madrid beat Olimpia Milan by a tight score (82-81), thanks to two free throws by Brian Jackson in the last white possession

Scavolini – Olimpia Milan
Cibona – Real Madrid

At the second attempt (after the final lost to Cibona two years ago), Real Madrid won the European Cup Winners’ Cup by defeating, with more difficulty than expected, the Simac of Milan. After dominating for most of the second half, Lolo Sainz’s men were forced into a heart-stopping finale in which they decided on two free kicks from Brian Jackson just seconds from the end, after a fortunate offensive rebound. In a last and precipitated attack of Madrid, Corbalán shot to basket five seconds from the end and the ball was dead between the hoop and the board to be captured by Jackson, on which up to four Italian players rushed, although the staff fell to D’Antoni. There were then three seconds left and the outcome of the match was in the hands of the American forward of Real Madrid. Jackson didn’t get nervous and converted the first and third of the three free throws he was entitled to (the 3×2 rule was still in force in European basketball) to put his team ahead again (82-81). Lamperti’s last desperate shot from his own court did not go in and the Cup Winners’ Cup flew to Madrid.

Real Madrid 82
*Corbalán – 7p, 5a
*Ituarriaga – 10p, 2a
*Jackson – 27p, 2br
*Robinson – 14p, 11r
*F.Martín – 12p, 10r, 5br
Romay – 0p, 3r
Rullán – 12p, 1r

Olimpia Milán 81
*D`Antoni – 12p, 7br
*Premier – 27p, 4r
*Bariviera – 4p, 2r
*Gallinari – 3p, 3r
*Meneghin – 8p, 4r
Blasi – 0p
Boselli – 4p
Lamperti – 23p, 1r
De Piccoli – 0p, 1r