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NBA Final 1998: Michael Jordan leaves with a movie final

In the NBA of 1998, the final of the previous year was repeated. The Chicago Bulls and the Utah Jazz met again for the title, with a 4-2 victory for the Chicago Bulls. A final that ended with a mythical last shot by Jordan, an action that has become an icon of the history of basketball. An action that would end a dominance of three consecutive titles, six rings in eight years, the era of the Bulls was over, the era of Michael Jordan

NBA Final 1997: Los Bulls chain their second ring after defeating the Jazz

In the 97 NBA the Chicago Bulls won their second consecutive title, this time beating the Utah Jazz in the final in a tough and highly competitive series. The Bulls, with their philosophy of total basketball, the five track players playing in all positions, managed to overcome a real team that was the Jazz, with Malone, Stockton, Hornacek and company. At the end 4-2 for Chicago

NBA Final 1996: The Sonics are not able to stop the best Bulls

In the NBA, in 1996, Michael Jordan would return full time, and with him, the dominance of the Chicago Bulls. The bulls achieved the most historic regular phase of all time at that time with 72-10. Until the final they only lost one game in all the playoffs, and already in it they eliminated the Seattle Supersonics of the thriving Kemp and Payton, by a solvent 4-2. That said, the Bulls of 96, history of our basketball

NBA Final 1993: Jordan beats Barkley, Bulls clinch third title

In the NBA of 93 continues the tyranny of the Bulls of His Majesty Micheal Jordan, with his third consecutive title, this time defeating the Phoenix Suns of Charles Barkley by 4-2. Jordan was in his feline version averaging hard to see numbers. After three years of red domination, times in the NBA would change because of the retirement, the first, of the best player in the history of basketball