ACB Final 1998: TDK Manresa goes down in history

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1998 ACB Baskonia Decade 90 Manresa

In the ACB of 1998, the biggest surprise in the history of the ACB occurred. TAU Baskonia reached its first final and was the clear favorite, but a TDK Manresa, which did not count for anyone, was eliminating its rivals round by round, always with court factor against, until defeating TAU by 1-3 in the grand final

TDK Manresa
*Creus – 12.0p, 3.5r. 
*Capdevila – 10.2p, 1.7r. 
*Jones – 9.5p, 2.7r.
*Sallier – 16.5p, 7.7r. 
*Alston – 17.0p, 7.2r. 
Lazaro – 2.7p, 1.0a.
Vazquez – 6.2p, 1.5r.
Gonzalez – 0.6p. (3)
Singla – 1.3p, 1.0r. (3)

TAU Ceramica
*Bennett – 7.7p, 3.0a.
*Espil – 9.7p, 1.2a.
*Beric – 18.7p, 3.2r.
*Scott – 16.0p, 8.0r. 
*Burke – 5.0p, 6.7r.
Millera – 3.5p, 2.7a.
Angulo – 4.0p, 2.2r.
Abad – 8.0p, 3.5r.
Garbajosa – 1.3p, 1.3r. (3)

To reach the final …
TDK – Estudiantes (1-3), Real Madrid (1-3)
TAU – Unicaja (3-0), Barcelona (3-0)