EuroBasket Final 1993: Germany seizes chance to win Gold

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1993 Decade 90 EuroBasket Germany Russia

In the summer of 1993 the EuroBasket was held in Munich. Germany, taking advantage of a series of circumstances was the surprising champion. He played at home and the dismemberment of the two European basketball powers, Yugoslavia and Russia, Yugoslavia itself did not play by boycott, and Croatia another reference of the moment, was immersed in depression by the death of Drazen Petrovic, changed the European landscape. Germany used it to win the Gold after beating Russia in the final by a tight 71-70

In the semifinals Germany beat Greece 76-73 and Russia beat Croatia 84-76. In the fight for the Bronze, Croatia had no major problem beating Greece by 99-59.

Germany 71
*Koch – 6p, 2a.
*Nurnberger – 14p, 2br.
*Harnisch – 13p, 4r.
*Gnad – 6p, 6r.
*Behnke – 2p, 5r.
Rodl – 0p, 1r.
Kleine – 0p.
Jackel – 10p, 3r.
Welp – 18p, 10r.
Ozturk – 0p.
Baeck – 2p, 1r.
Kujawa – 0p.

Russia 70
*Bazarevich – 14p, 5a.
*Babkov – 24p, 3r.
*Panov – 6p, 2r.
*Sukharev – 4p, 4r.
*Mikhailov – 14p, 11r.
Gorin – 0p, 1a.
Shakulin – 0p.
Astanin – 0p, 2r.
Fetissov – 8p, 3r.
Nosov – 0p, 4r.
Karasjov – 0p.
Kondratov – 0p.