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NBA 2020 Final: Los Angeles Lakers, champions 10 years later

The 2020 NBA will always be remembered for the bubble format that had to be implemented in order to finish the season because of the coronavirus. In sports, the Lakers took the ring after 10 years of drought by LeBron James and Anthony Davis, who beat the Miami Heat in the final against the odds to start the playoffs from fifth position, and even though they played with several players, they fought until the sixth game (4-2)

NBA Final 2010: Lakers beat combative Celtics to win second consecutive ring

In the 2010 NBA, the Angeles Lakers are proclaimed champions for the second consecutive time, this time winning the most classic final of the NBA, beating the Boston Celtics in an exciting final by 4-3, five rings for Kobe and second ring for our Pau Gasol that was immense throughout the final and fundamental in the seventh and final game

NBA Final 2004: Pistons win ring again 14 years later

In the NBA of 2004, all the glamour and the spotlights were taken by the Angeles Lakers when they signed two veteran all-star players, Karl Malone and Payton, who along with O´Neal and Bryant, were called the riders of the apocalypse. But in the final they arrived with their stars very tired, and some magnificent Detroit Pistons used it to perfection to win the championship, 14 years later, and also to do it in a very solvent way (4-1)

NBA Final 2000: Lakers begin NBA dominance

In the NBA of the year 2000, the Angeles Lakers would begin their hegemony of the beginning of the decade, thanks to article 33, Shaquille O’Neal, excellently seconded by Bryant. They had a hard time in the semifinals against the Portland Trail Blazers, but in the final there was always a clear yellow domination against Reggie Miller’s Indiana Pacers, 4-2 for the Angeles Lakers