NBA 2020 Final: Los Angeles Lakers, champions 10 years later

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The 2020 NBA will always be remembered for the bubble format that had to be implemented in order to finish the season because of the coronavirus. In sports, the Lakers took the ring after 10 years of drought by LeBron James and Anthony Davis, who beat the Miami Heat in the final against the odds to start the playoffs from fifth position, and even though they played with several players, they fought until the sixth game (4-2)

Without Dragic almost all the elimination and with Adebayo missing games and playing diminished those who were on track, Butler had to pull his best repertoire to put emotion to the final, but in the end they gave in to the greater physical power of LeBron James, who won the MVP of the final, and Anthony Davis. A duo that was a headache at every turn for the Heat’s defense.

Angeles Lakers
*LeBron James – 29.8p, 11.8r, 8.5a
*Green – 7.5p, 2.8r, 1.1a
*Caldwell-Pope – 12.8p, 2.8r, 2.0a
*Davis – 25.0p, 10.6r, 3.1a
*Howard – 2.8p, 2.8r
Rondo – 8.6p, 5.5a, 5.1r
Caruso – 6.3p, 2.5r, 2.3a
Kuzma – 8.5p, 2.8r.
Morris – 7.5p, 3.3r, 1.1a
Smith – 1.0p. (3)
Cook – 1.5p. (2)
Dudley – 0.0p. (2)
McGee –

Miami Heat
*Butler – 26.1p, 9.8a, 8.3r
*Herro – 14.6p, 4.1r, 3.0a
*Crowder – 11.1p, 5.1r, 1.1a
*Robinson – 12.5p, 2.6r, 2.5a
*Adebayo – 15.2p, 6.2r, 2.5a. (4)
Nunn – 10.5p, 3.5r, 1.8a
Dragic – 5.5p, 3.0r, 2.5a. (2)
Iguodala – 3.1p, 2.6r, 2.0a.
Hill – 3.0p. (4)
Olynyk – 11.6p, 6.0r, 1.4a
Leonard – 7.0p. (2)
Jones – 0.5p. (4)
Haslem –

To reach the finals they beat…
Angeles Lakers – Portland Trail Blazers (4-1); Houston Rockets (4-1); Denver Nuggets (4-1)
Miami Heat – Indiana Pacers (0-4); Milwaukee Bucks (1-4); Boston Celtics (2-4)