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World Champion Final 2010: United States ends long drought

In the summer of 2010, the World Basketball Championship is held in Turkey, where in the grand final, everyone finished happily, the United States won the Gold sixteen years later, and Turkey for the first time in its history would win an intercontinental medal, the World Silver and as host a success for the country. The party did not have history the Americans imposed their law without great pretensions, a strong defense against some tired Turks of the semifinal against Serbia and a Durant sublime MVP of the World, culminating the 81-64 final

NBA Final 2010: Lakers beat combative Celtics to win second consecutive ring

In the 2010 NBA, the Angeles Lakers are proclaimed champions for the second consecutive time, this time winning the most classic final of the NBA, beating the Boston Celtics in an exciting final by 4-3, five rings for Kobe and second ring for our Pau Gasol that was immense throughout the final and fundamental in the seventh and final game

ACB Final 2010: Baskonia takes the title in a perfect final

In the ACB of 2010, the Caja Laboral Baskonia was proclaimed champion. In principle against prognosis, since it eliminated in the final the powerful Barcelona that came from winning everything and had the field factor in its favor. All this was of little use and Baskonia in a perfect final won with a devastating balance of (0-3). A final culminated by a final play of San Emeterio for the memory