FIBA Cup 2008 Final: BK Barons take a stand against Dexia Mons

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 2008 BK Barons Competitions FIBA Decade 2000 Dexia Mons FIBA Cup

In 2008, the final four was held in the Cypriot city of Lemesos, where BK Barons beat Dexia Mons (63-62) in the final, in a match that was not decided until the last seconds. Giedrius Gustas was awarded as the MVP of the tournament

USK 80 Tartu – Barons 88
Dexia Mons 70 – Proteas EKA 55

The BK Barons started better (23-15) and this allowed them to obtain a certain feeling of dominance in a final with very few points, and with the tension of opting for a title at all times. Dexia gradually closed the gap, and the final possessions were reached, where the Barons entered with a lead of around three/five points, which earned them a very tight, but fair, win.

BK Barons 63
*Gustas – 17p, 3r
*Skele – 13p, 7r
*Adomaitis – 0p, 7r
*Berzins – 6p, 2r
*Alexander – 5p, 5r
Kravcenko – 0p, 1r
Vaikulis – 7p, 4r
Batista – 8p, 3r
Brunins – 0p
Hlebowicki – 7p, 6r

Dexia Mons 62
*Lenzly – 8p, 8r
*Conlan – 13p, 5r
*Cantamessa – 8p, 7r
*Sullivan – 12p, 6r
*Ebong – 8p, 7r
Huggins – 0p, 1r
Reinking – 13p, 6r
Potter – 0p, 1r