ACB Final 2008: Baskonia wins convincingly

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 2008 ACB Barcelona Baskonia Decade 2000
In the ACB of 2.008, a magnificent team, the TAU Cerámica de Vitoria took the league to win by a convincing 0-3 to Barcelona that came from giving the do de pecho to beat the other reference team of the year, the Joventut of Rudy&Ricky in the semifinals. But the final was a symphony vitoriana until the achievement of the title

TAU Cerámica
*Prigioni – 3.6p, 3.6a.
*Rakocevic – 15.0p, 4.6r.
*Mickeal – 14.3p, 6.6r.
*Teletovic – 11.3p, 4.0r.
*Splitter – 14.6p, 4.6r.
Planinic – 6.6p, 1.3a.
Vidal – 0.6p, 1.6a.
Jasaitis – 0.6p.
McDonald – 3.3p, 2.0r.
Singleton – 6.0p, 7.0r.

*Lakovic – 7.0p, 2.6a.
*Basile – 6.0p, 2.3a.
*Acker – 3.3p, 3.0r.
*Ilyasova – 12.6p, 7.6r.
*Marconato – 3.6p, 1.3r.
Sanchez – 7.3p, 2.6a.
Grimau – 10.3p, 5.0r.
Trias – 2.6p.
Vazquez – 5.0p, 3.6r.
Kasun – 6.6p, 2.0r.
Neal – 1.6p.

To reach the final they won …
TAU Cerámica – Pamesa (2-1), Unicaja (2-0)
Barcelona – Bilbao (2-0), Joventut (0-2)