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Olympic Games Final 1980: Yugoslavia wins «its» gold medal

In 1980 the Olympic Games were held in Moscow, where the United States was boycotted. After the previous phases to the fight for the medals, in the fight for the Bronze they faced the local Soviet Union against Spain, with victory for the first by (117-94). In the final Yugoslavia defeated Italy (86-77). A unique Olympic Gold in history for the «plavi»

World Champion Final 1978: Yugoslavia beat the Soviet Union in a disputed final

In 1978 the World Cup was held in the Philippines, with the tournament taking place in Manila. After passing the previous stages, the medals were played between Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union for Gold, and Brazil and Italy for Bronze. Both matches were decided by a point. In the final the plavi won by (82-81), led by a Dalipagic chosen as the MVP of the tournament

EuroBasket Final 1977: Yugoslavia maintains its superiority over the Soviet Union

In 1977 the EuroBasket was held in Belgium, with the Grand Final in Liege. After the preliminary stages, medals were played between Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union for Gold, and Czechoslovakia and Italy for Bronze. In the final, the Balkans won (74-61) thanks to the offensive inspiration of Dalipagic (19 points) and Kicanovic (16 points)

Olympic Games Final 1976: United States Fulfills its «Reconquest»

In 1976, the Montreal Olympics were held in Canada, where the United States, who wanted to regain their Olympic scepter after what had happened four years earlier in Munich, took gold with absolute superiority. In the grand final, the Americans beat Yugoslavia by a clear margin (95-74). This was a key moment in the whole tournament, where the USA, led by a great Dantley, won all the matches with great confidence

EuroBasket Final 1975: Yugoslavia is strong at home

In 1975 the EuroBasket was held in Yugoslavia, with the grand final being held in Belgrade. After passing the previous rounds, the fight for the medals was, for Gold, between the local Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union, and for Bronze, between Italy and Bulgaria. The final was won by the Yugoslavs by a tight score (90-84), with Kikanovic (22 points) and Belov (29 points) as the best players on each side

World Champion Final 1974: The average declines in favour of the Soviet Union

In 1974 the World Cup was held in Puerto Rico. It was a competition full of competitive tension, where after passing through the various group stages we had a triple final draw between the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia and the United States, with a balance of (9-1). Everything was decided by the different averages, which gave the gold for the Soviets, silver for the Balkans and bronze for the USA

EuroBasket 1973 Final: Yugoslavia beat hosts Spain

In 1973 the EuroBasket was held in Spain, with the final being held in Barcelona. After passing the previous rounds the battles for the medals were, for Gold, between the local Spain and Yugoslavia, and for Bronze, between the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia. The final was won by the Yugoslavs over the Spanish (67-78), where Cosic’s inner power was worth more than Brabender’s goalscoring inspiration, and the Bronze went to the Soviet Union, after beating Czechoslovakia by a clear-cut (90-58)

World Champions 1970 Final: Yugoslavia make home debut as World Champions

After five editions in Latin America, the World Cup landed in Europe, with Yugoslavia being the chosen host, a country with a basketball in full swing, as the tournament would show. The hosts, led on the court by the centre of the park by Cosic, had one day left to win the tournament. They did so after beating the United States (70-63) in a boiling Tivoli Palace in Ljubljana with 14,000 spectators in the stands