Olympic Games 1968 Final: United States clinches seventh consecutive gold

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1968 Decade 60 Olympic Games United States Yugoslavia

In 1968, the Olympic Games were held in Mexico, where the United States maintained its Olympic dominance with its seventh consecutive gold medal. In the grand final they had little trouble beating Yugoslavia (65-50), even though the Plavi were in the game until halftime, only to go down to the USA defence

In the fight for Bronze, the metal went to the Soviet Union, which easily got rid of Brazil, with a (70-53). Earlier in the semi-finals, the Yugoslavs and the Russians fought to the end, with Yugoslavia winning by one (63-62), while the USA won by the other (75-63), with more skill than polish.

United States 65
*Barrett – 6p
*Fowler – 4p
*White – 14p
*Silliman – 6p
*Haywood – 21p
King – 1p
Scott – 5p
Hosket – 3p
Sauters – 4p
Spain – 1p
Dee – 0p
Clawson – 0p

Yugoslavia 50
*Daneu – 16p
*Cermak – 8p
*Sanski – 5p
*Rajkovic – 4p
*Cosic – 4p
Korac – 1p
Maroevic – 2p
Cvetkovic – 3p
Raznatovic – 2p
Solman – 5p
Zorga – 0p
Plecas – 0p