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EuroBasket Final 1979: Israel incapable of disturbing the Soviet Union

The Eurobasket was held in Italy in 1979, with the Grand Final in Turin. After two phases, the medals were played between the Soviet Union and Israel for Gold, and Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia for Bronze. In the final we didn’t have much of a match (98-76), where Israel seemed to be aware of their inferiority against the Soviets and very happy for their silver, and without the possibility of being able to stop Belov, Tarakanov and Tkatchenko

World Champion Final 1978: Yugoslavia beat the Soviet Union in a disputed final

In 1978 the World Cup was held in the Philippines, with the tournament taking place in Manila. After passing the previous stages, the medals were played between Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union for Gold, and Brazil and Italy for Bronze. Both matches were decided by a point. In the final the plavi won by (82-81), led by a Dalipagic chosen as the MVP of the tournament

NBA Final 1978: The Washington Bullets sign up for the only ring in their history

The ’70s gave some teams the opportunity to feel the sensation of winning the ring. One of them was the Washington Bullets, who in an exciting final, which was not decided until the seventh match, overcame the Seattle Supersonics. Unseld, MVP of the final, Hayes and Dandridge put the capitals on the list of NBA winners

EuroBasket Final 1977: Yugoslavia maintains its superiority over the Soviet Union

In 1977 the EuroBasket was held in Belgium, with the Grand Final in Liege. After the preliminary stages, medals were played between Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union for Gold, and Czechoslovakia and Italy for Bronze. In the final, the Balkans won (74-61) thanks to the offensive inspiration of Dalipagic (19 points) and Kicanovic (16 points)

NBA Final 1977: The Blazers win the only title in their history

The NBA of 77 was for the Portland Trail Blazers, who beat the Philadelphia Sixers in the final by (4-2), and that the final began with a (0-2) that indicated the opposite of what finally happened. But the Blazers reacted forcefully with four consecutive victories, thanks mainly to the work of the MVP of the final Bill Walton, Maurice Lucas and Bob Gross

Olympic Games Final 1976: United States Fulfills its «Reconquest»

In 1976, the Montreal Olympics were held in Canada, where the United States, who wanted to regain their Olympic scepter after what had happened four years earlier in Munich, took gold with absolute superiority. In the grand final, the Americans beat Yugoslavia by a clear margin (95-74). This was a key moment in the whole tournament, where the USA, led by a great Dantley, won all the matches with great confidence