World Champion Final 1974: The average declines in favour of the Soviet Union

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1974 Decade 70 Soviet Union World Champion Yugoslavia

In 1974 the World Cup was held in Puerto Rico. It was a competition full of competitive tension, where after passing through the various group stages we had a triple final draw between the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia and the United States, with a balance of (9-1). Everything was decided by the different averages, which gave the gold for the Soviets, silver for the Balkans and bronze for the USA

The final match, the one that decided the gold, and silver for Yugoslavia was played between the Soviets and the Americans, with victory for the former by (105-94), led by an unstoppable Salnikov, who finished with 38 points

Soviet Union 105
*S. Belov – 10p
*Paulauskas – 11p
*Salnikov – 38p
*A. Belov – 16p
*Boloshev – 9p
Pavlov – 6p
Miloserdov – 6p
Edeshko – 4p
Tomson – 0p
Bolshakov – 2p
Kharchenkov – 2p
Zigili – 3p

United States 94
*Burden – 22p
*Gerard – 16p
*Boswell – 8p
*Short – 6p
*Lucas – 18p
Grote – 2p
Oleynick – 0p
Schmidt – 0p
Buckner – 7p
Meriwheather – 7p
Wilkins – 8p
Kelley – 0p