EuroBasket Final 1975: Yugoslavia is strong at home

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1975 Decade 70 EuroBasket Soviet Union Yugoslavia

In 1975 the EuroBasket was held in Yugoslavia, with the grand final being held in Belgrade. After passing the previous rounds, the fight for the medals was, for Gold, between the local Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union, and for Bronze, between Italy and Bulgaria. The final was won by the Yugoslavs by a tight score (90-84), with Kikanovic (22 points) and Belov (29 points) as the best players on each side

For the Bronze, Italy had no major problems beating Bulgaria by a clear-cut 90-71, with the Recalcati quartet (21 points), Bariviera (21), Meneghin (17) and Marzorati (17) dominating the situation at all times.

Yugoslavia 90
*Slavnic – 12p
*Dalipagic – 11p
*Kicanovic – 22p
*Jelovac – 9p
*Cosic – 12p
Plecas – 10p
Zizic – 5p
Solman – 2p
Jerkov – 1p
D. Tvrdic – 0p
R. Tvrdic – 0p
Kapicic – 0p

Soviet Union 84
*S. Belov – 29p
*Korkia – 5p
*Salnikov – 17p
*Edechko – 14p
*Zarmuhamedov – 4p
A. Belov – 9p
Zhigiliy – 6p
Sidiakine – 0p
Boloshev – 0p
Miloserdov – 0p
Pavlov – 0p
Bolchakov – 0p