EuroBasket 1971 Final: Even Yugoslavia is not able to make the Soviet Union lose

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1971 Decade 70 EuroBasket Soviet Union Yugoslavia

In 1971 the EuroBasket was held in the Federal Republic of Germany. After passing the previous rounds and doing so in an unquestionable manner, the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia competed for Gold, with the Soviets winning by a tight score (69-64), thus recording their eighth consecutive Gold

For the Bronze, things were a lot clearer, with Italy taking the metal after beating Poland by a convincing score (85-67).

Unión Soviética 69
*S.Belov – 14p
*Paulauskas – 12p
*Sakandelidze – 8p
*Zarmuhamedov – 16p
*A.Belov – 8p
Korkia – 0p
Polivoda – 5p
Edeshko – 6p
Tommiste – 0p
Boloshev – 0p
Tomson – 0p
Andrejev – 0p

Yugoslavia 64
*Plecas – 4p
*Simonovic – 11p
*Knezevic – 14p
*Kapicic – 10p
*Cosic – 12p
Georgijevski – 0p
Jelovac – 2p
Zorga -2p
Bassin – 4p
Vucinic – 0p
Cermak – 7p
Rukavina – 0p