EuroBasket Final 1969: The Soviet Union is unbeatable

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1969 Decade 60 EuroBasket Soviet Union Yugoslavia

In 1969 the EuroBasket was held in Italy, specifically in Naples in its final phase. After passing the previous rounds and doing so in an unquestionable way, the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia fought for Gold, with victory for the Soviets by (81-72), showing again, unbeatable with Paulauskas and Belov as stars

The bronze medal went to Czechoslovakia after a hard-fought match against Poland, which was only decided in the final round of matches (77-75).

Soviet Union 81
*S.Belov – 15p
*Paulauskas – 20p
*Sakandelidze – 0p
*Andrejev – 18p
*A.Belov – 3p
Volnov – 13p
Polivoda – 0p
Kulkov – 2p
Zastukhov – 6p
Boloshev – 0p
Tomson – 4p
Kovalenko – 0p

Yugoslavia 72
*Plecas – 2p
*Simonovic – 4p
*Rajkovic – 19p
*Kapicic – 8p
*Cosic – 10p
Daneu – 10p
Jelovac – 6p
Cermak – 6p
Tvrdic – 0p
Maroevic – 0p
Cvetkovic – 0p
Solman – 5p