Olympic Games Final 1976: United States Fulfills its «Reconquest»

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1976 Decade 70 Olympic Games United States Yugoslavia

In 1976, the Montreal Olympics were held in Canada, where the United States, who wanted to regain their Olympic scepter after what had happened four years earlier in Munich, took gold with absolute superiority. In the grand final, the Americans beat Yugoslavia by a clear margin (95-74). This was a key moment in the whole tournament, where the USA, led by a great Dantley, won all the matches with great confidence

In the semi-finals the USA eliminated the hosts Canada with some ease (95-77), in the other match Yugoslavia qualified for the final after beating the Soviet Union (89-84). In the fight for the Bronze, the Soviets had no problem defeating Canada (108-72).

United States 95
*Ford – 7p, 12a, 7r
*Buckner – 6p, 5r
*Dantley – 30p, 4r
*May – 14p, 5r
*Kupchak – 14p, 1r
Hubbard – 10p, 7r
Sheppard – 5p, 1r
Grunfeld – 3p, 3a
Armstrong – 2p, 1a
Davis – 2p, 1a
LaGarde – 2p, 1a
Carr – 0p, 4r

Yugoslavia 74
*Delibasic – 6p, 9a
*Kicanovic – 18p, 7a
*Dalipagic – 27p, 4r
*Jerkov – 4p, 6r
*Cosic – 15p, 6r
Zizic – 4p, 6r
Georgievski – 0p
Jelovac – 0p
Slavnic – 0p
Solman – 0p