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NBA Final 1996: The Sonics are not able to stop the best Bulls

In the NBA, in 1996, Michael Jordan would return full time, and with him, the dominance of the Chicago Bulls. The bulls achieved the most historic regular phase of all time at that time with 72-10. Until the final they only lost one game in all the playoffs, and already in it they eliminated the Seattle Supersonics of the thriving Kemp and Payton, by a solvent 4-2. That said, the Bulls of 96, history of our basketball

NBA Final 1978: The Washington Bullets sign up for the only ring in their history

The ’70s gave some teams the opportunity to feel the sensation of winning the ring. One of them was the Washington Bullets, who in an exciting final, which was not decided until the seventh match, overcame the Seattle Supersonics. Unseld, MVP of the final, Hayes and Dandridge put the capitals on the list of NBA winners