NBA Final 1997: Los Bulls chain their second ring after defeating the Jazz

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1997 Chicago Bulls Decade 90 NBA Utah Jazz

In the 97 NBA the Chicago Bulls won their second consecutive title, this time beating the Utah Jazz in the final in a tough and highly competitive series. The Bulls, with their philosophy of total basketball, the five track players playing in all positions, managed to overcome a real team that was the Jazz, with Malone, Stockton, Hornacek and company. At the end 4-2 for Chicago

Chicago Bulls
*Harper – 4.8p, 4.5r.
*Jordan – 32.3p, 7.0r, 6.0a.
*Pippen – 20.0p, 8.3r.
*Rodman – 2.3p, 7.6r.
*Longley – 6.8p, 3.6r.
Brown – 0.8p. (5)
Kerr – 4.3p, 1.0a.
Buechler – 1.6p, 1.1r.
Kukoc – 8.0p, 3.1r.
Williams – 6.8p, 3.3r.
Caffey – 0.0p. (5)
Parish –

Utah Jazz
*Stockton – 15.0p, 8.8a.
*Hornacek – 12.0p, 3.5r.
*Russell – 11.3p, 5.8r.
*Malone – 23.8p, 10.3r. 
*Ostertag – 4.3p, 7.3r.
Eisley – 5.3p, 2.5a.
Anderson – 4.2p, 1.7r. (4)
Morris – 3.5p, 1.6r.
Carr – 3.0p, 1.6r.
Foster – 5.5p, 3.5r.
Keefe – 0.7p, 1.7r. (4)
Howard –

Chicago Bulls – Washington Wizzards (3-0), Atlanta Hawks (4-1), Miami Heat (4-1)
Utah Jazz – Angeles Clippers (3-0), Angeles Lakers (4-1), Houston Rockets (4-2)