EuroCup 2010 Final: Valencia Basket destroys ALBA Berlin

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 2010 Berlin Decade 2010 EuroCup Valencia Basket

In 2010 the final four of the EuroCup was held in Vitoria, where Valencia Basket was proclaimed seven years later, champion of the EuroCup, beating ALBA Berlin, by (67-44). Matt Nielsen, MVP of the tournament

Aris Thessaloniki – Valencia Basket
Hapoel Jerusalem – ALBA Berlin
Panellinios – Gran Canaria
Nymburk – Bilbao Basket

Valencia Basket 92 – Panellinios 80
ALBA Berlin 77 – Bilbao Basket 70

Valencia overcame ALBA on a defensive basis, an incredible defense that left the Germans in nothing. After a first quarter with very few points, a partial of (25-12) put the Valencians fourteen up (36-22) at halftime. The Germans tried to put the game in a kind of anti-basketball, but finally they lowered their arms and the distances went over twenty points.

Valencia Basket 67
*De Colo – 7p, 5r
*Martínez – 0p, 1r
*Claver – 4p, 4r
*Nielsen – 7p, 6r
*Perovic – 17p, 4r
Lishchuk – 4p, 2r
Marinovic – 12p, 1a
García – 0p, 1r
Pietrus – 3p, 2r
Kelati – 13p, 5r

ALBA Berlín 44
*Wright – 2p, 4a
*McElroy – 2p, 5r
*Byars – 9p, 3r
*Dojcin – 3p, 1r
*Sekulic – 4p, 5r
Hamann – 9p, 2a
Golemac – 4p, 5r
Jenkins – 6p, 1r
Chubb – 4p, 3r
Nalga – 1p, 1r