FIBA Cup 2010 Final: Göttingen wins at home

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 2010 Competitions FIBA Decade 2010 FIBA Cup Göttingen Samara

In 2010, the final four was held in the German city of Göttingen, and the local team made the most of it to win the title, beating Samara in the final (83-75), with Taylor Rochestie as the tournament MVP

Göttingen 77 – Roanne 67
Krasnye Samara 73 – Scavolini 70

The Germans left, after a more even first quarter, before and after the break, arriving at the beginning of the last act with a remarkable advantage (57-45). The Russians tried to react, but never really came close.

McNaughton (22 points) and Jacobson (17 points) were the top scorers for the champions, all spiced up by Rochestie (14 points). At Samara, Flores (22 points) and Biggs (16 points) were the best.

Göttingen 83
*Rochestie – 14p, 6a
*Kulawick – 5p, 3r
*Little – 3p, 2r
*Oliver – 8p, 4r
*Meeks – 10p, 2r
McNaughton – 22p, 5r
Jacobson – 17p, 4r
Frazier – 0p, 1r
Boone – 4p, 2t
Anderson – 0p
Jordan – 0p, 2r

Samara 75
*Flores – 22p, 5r
*Bremer – 11p, 3a
*Voronov – 4p, 1a
*Vasylius – 11p, 4r
*Douthit – 2p, 8r
Ivanov – 6p, 1r
Biggs – 16p, 8r
Trushkin – 1p, 1r
Karaulov – 2p
Zelenskiy – 0p, 1a