ACB Final 2010: Baskonia takes the title in a perfect final

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 2010 ACB Barcelona Baskonia Decade 2010

In the ACB of 2010, the Caja Laboral Baskonia was proclaimed champion. In principle against prognosis, since it eliminated in the final the powerful Barcelona that came from winning everything and had the field factor in its favor. All this was of little use and Baskonia in a perfect final won with a devastating balance of (0-3). A final culminated by a final play of San Emeterio for the memory

Baskonia Vitoria
*Huertas – 11.0p, 4.3r, 3.0a.
*Oleson – 7.0p.
*San Emerito – 11.6p, 4.3r, 1.3a.
*Teletovic – 7.3p, 4.3r.
*Splitter – 11.3p, 8.3r, 2.3a.
Palacio – 2.6p, 2.3r, 1.3a.
Ribas – 3.0p, 2.3r.
English – 4.0p, 1.3r.
Herrmann – 4.6p, 2.3r.
Eliyahu – 8.0p, 2.0r, 1.3br.
Golubobic – 0p. (1)

*Rubio – 7.6p, 4.0r, 2.0a.
*Navarro – 13.0p, 2.3a, 1.0br.
*Mickeal – 13.0p, 4.3r, 2.0a.
*Lorbek – 5.0p, 5.3r, 2.6a.
*N`Dong – 8.3p, 4.3r, 1.0t.
Lakovic – 6.0p, 1.0r.
Basile – 3.0p, 1.0br.
Grimau – 1.3p, 1.0r.
Morris – 7.6p, 7.0r, 1.3br.
Vazquez – 2.3p, 2.0r.
Sada – 1.0p.
Trias – 0p, 1r. (1)

To reach the final they won …
Baskonia Vitoria – Estudiantes (2-0), Real Madrid (3-2)
Barcelona – Gran Canaria (2-0), Unicaja (3-0)