ACB Final 2004: Barcelona beats a whole heart Estudiantes

In the 2004 ACB, Barcelona won the league for the second time in a row, beating Estudiantes in the final who were playing their first ever final. It was a very nice final, in which the field factor was fundamental, after a few years with very poor finals in the ACB where the champions won undefeated, the 2.004 was a final in conditions, 3-2 for Barcelona

ACB Final 2001: Seikaly’s league became Pau Gasol’s league

In the ACB of the year 2.001, in the beginning was the league of Seikaly, nothing to do … was the league of the explosion of the best basketball player that has given Spain, was the league of Pau Gasol. In the final of the ACB, Barcelona played against Real Madrid, 3-0 for the Catalans, undefeated as in all the playoffs, nobody that year, in ACB, could stop Barcelona, nobody could stop Pau Gasol